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Most Popular Dog Names

I don't know about you, but I agonize over choosing names for my both my children and pets. I personally feel that names are super important. Maybe it is because as a child I desperately wanted my own identity (I'm an identical twin), or maybe, its because I really value uniqueness. Who knows. But I do know that when ever it's time to choose a name for one my kids or fur babies, I tend to stress a little more than most probably do. After all, a name is something you are stuck with for life!

Nationwide Insurance (formally VPI Pet Insurance), one of the largest pet insurance companies in the US, has gathered a list of the most popular dogs names.

Top Female Names.

Bella Elsa Stella Lucy Daisy Molly Poppy Aurora Maggie Sadie Avery Lila Lola Quinn Sophie Ivy Charlie Chloe

Top Male Names

Max Charlie Buddy Kai Bailey Cooper Sawyer Jack Hudson Finn Emerson Rocky Duke Bear Puppy Toby

Most popular pop cultured inspired names for 2016

Carly Carli Chewie Clinton Daenerys Dory Drake Elliott Gronk Han Hillary Hosmer Jeb Jeter Kaa Khaleesi Leia Linus Loki Luke Missy Mowgli Newt Penny Snoopy Thor Trump

In my search for these list, I also came upon a website that helps you generate your pets name!

While I will still probably stress over trying to name the next fur kid that walks into my life, at least there are some fun tools available to make the process a little easier and maybe even a little fun!


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