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Why Choose a Mobile Vet?

(Dr. Gina examining a patient in her mobile clinic)

Mobile veterinary care is quickly becoming very popular among pet parents in cities and towns across the United States. More and more pet parents are making the transition from traditional veterinary practice to specialized and focused care at home. These pet parents have found that mobile veterinary care is not only more convenient for their busy schedules, but a lot less stressful on their pets.

There are many reason why people choose to have a mobile vet come to their home. Here are just a few examples:

• Individualized and focused care

• Pets experience less stress and so do their pet parents when they can have the vet come to them

• Less waiting time

• Less exposure to contagious disease especially for pediatric patients

• Less risk of your pet being exposed to potentially aggressive pets

• Multi-pet families do not have to make multiple trips to the vet

While a mobile vet has some limitations with emergency and critical care including hospitalization for your pet, most mobile vets are able to perform primary care, surgery and other medical treatments just like any traditional veterinary practice, but rather in your home or in a specialized mobile clinic at your front door.

While it is true that a mobile vet will cost a little more than your traditional veterinary practice because of an additional travel or service fee, many mobile vets offer multiple pet discounts. These discounts which can help offset the extra cost associated with that service or travel fee.

Ultimately, more and more pet parents are seeking individualized and one-on-one veterinary care for their fur babies in the comfort and familiar surrounding of their living rooms. And while there may still be some limitations to the mobile practice, most pet parents find that individualized care they receive far outweigh those limitation.

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