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Welcome To Valet Vet Mobile Veterinary Services

House call and mobile vets! Finally, a stress-free, modern solution for you and your pets!

We know your time is valuable and that you don’t want to compromise the care your pets receive. With our 26′ state-of-the-art mobile clinic and SUVs, we offer a unique veterinary house call experience.

Dental Care

Dental disease is not only one of the leading causes for bad breath, it also contributes to other health problems including chronic pain and heart disease. Tartar and plaque contain bacterial toxins that enter the blood stream and find their way to many organs including the heart. Just like you, your pet should have their teeth evaluated annually for tartar build up and periodonatal disease to help prevent losing teeth. 


From general surgery, spays and neuters, and dentistry, Valet Vet can accommodate your pet's surgical needs. 


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