Valet Vet Welcomes Mr. Peabody!

Thank-you! Thank-you! I am so excited be here and be a part of the Valet Vet team! You see I just love exploring new places and meeting new faces – it’s gotten me in into trouble more than a few times already. As a matter of fact, it was my endless fascination with what’s around the river bend that ended up bringing me to Valet Vet in the first place!

Like lots of puppies, I was born in a backyard with a lovely soft warm mom and two brothers and one sister who were all very snuggly and safe. As soon as these bright eyes of mine were open it didn’t take me long to figure out how to scramble out of that cozy warm box and explore the grass and gravel all around the yard. Lots of new sights and smells out there! I found a quail family living under the oleander bushes, and I chased the lizards skittering under the eucalyptus leaves. Next thing I knew I had chased a lizard right through the fence, out of the backyard and onto the sidewalk! Talk about adventure! There were rabbits out here – just waiting to be run off – and loud, flashy, whooshing cars, flying by. Impossible to resist all that temptation.

I chased rabbits, played chicken with the cars, and investigated every single tree trunk I saw all afternoon. By the time the sun went down in a famous Arizona sunset, I was wiped out and ready snuggle up for bed. Only… I wasn’t exactly sure where I had come from, or how to get back home. Night time on the street was not quite the same fun adventure it had been in the afternoon sun. The whooshing cars seemed to come out of nowhere, blinding me in the headlights, and there was no warm mom with two brothers and one sister to cuddle up with. I kept wandering until a found a big bush up against a big stucco wall. The concrete gave off a little warmth from the day’s sun, and the bush felt a little home-like as I curled up in a little ball to try and sleep.

Two hands scooping me up our of the bush woke me up first thing in the morning. After a brief look around, I met a friendly pair of brown eyes checking to make sure I was okay. I immediately fell to licking that worried face and wiggling like crazy – I was so excited to have a found a friend! My friend tried to find my home, checked me for a microchip – sadly, I didn’t have one yet – and when no one claimed me, she took me home and the rest is history!

Now I am official (and microchipped to prove it!) and I get to spend my days riding around with the Valet Vet team – seeing a new part of the city every day and meeting new people and pets to my hearts content. Now I can’t wait to hear more about all of you!

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