Telemedicine for veterinarians – what can it do for you?

Well… “Itchi” the dog just about finished with those magic antibiotics? “Itchi” isn’t itchy anymore? Wonderful! But don’t stop now! It is super important to schedule a follow up appointment, so the vet can inspect his skin and ensure that the infection has truly cleared.

Old Red was diagnosed with arthritis? I bet you have lots of questions! From “what food is best?” to “can’t I just give him my Advil?” (The answer to that one is a definite no!)

“My vet just said Pickles probably has allergies – what does that mean? Do you know what she is allergic to? What can I do now to keep her more comfortable?”

Valet Vet is now launch

ing a telemedicine service to help answer questions just like those and many more! This telemedicine service is designed to provide more in-depth information on chronic or complicated conditions (osteoarthritis, diabetes, allergies, weight loss and more) and make it easier to fit in that follow-up appointment. This will allow you to share pictures, or even video chat with the veterinarian – ask questions, discuss next steps, and ensure that Kitty or Rover is healing the way they should.

Of course, this cannot replace the value of a full, in-person and hands-on physical exam. So for urgent cases, new pets, or new issues, we still want to get out to see your pet and evaluate what might be going on.

Our hope is that this new service will allow us to help you take the possible best care of your pets – even in the middle of life’s busiest days.

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