Keep Your Pets Cool and Safe This Summer!

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Make sure you keep plenty of fresh clean water available for your pets as the temperatures increase. You will find that your pet will consume just a little bit more water during these hot dog days of summer. This will naturally ensure that they will need access to urinate more frequently. While your pet’s thirst may increase some, it should not be excessive. If you do notice that your pet is excessively drinking water (throughout the night is a clue), it may be time for an exam and bloodwork as these signs potentially could mean your pet is ill.

Kid Pools are not just for kids! Most dog love water. While not all dogs like to swim, most will enjoy playing in a kiddy pool. With very little investment, you can create a water playground in your backyard suitable for the entire neighborhood to enjoy the fun. After all, what is summer without a pool pawty!

Ice Cream you scream we all scream for ice cream!! Dogs love ice cream (some cats too!). Many grocery and pet stores carry pet-friendly ice cream products. What better way to keep cool this summer than to serve up some pet-friendly ice cream? For homemade, healthy pet-friendly “ice cream” recipe click here.

Grooming! While it seems reasonable that shaving your pet during the warmer months would help keep our pets cooler, double coated pets actually stay cooler with their longer coats not shaved. The double coat provides insulation to help keep them cool. Just make sure you remember to brush them often. Coats that become matted can be very painful.

Be Smart! While it may seem like a quick 5-minute stay in a car this summer would be harmless to your pet, it is very dangerous and life-threatening. Even if the windows are down. Dogs can overheat very quickly so it is important to make sure if you are cruising around with your dog this summer that you don’t make any stops that require your pet to stay in your car. Also, keep in mind that the outside environment will be very hot so avoid making your dog walk on any pavement or sidewalks during the hotter part of the day. If unsure, place your hand on the ground and hold for 10 seconds. If you are unable to tolerate the heat, they will not be able to either.

Know the signs of overheating. Take your dog for walks during the early hours of the morning or later evening. Remember to bring lots of water with you for your pet and know the signs of overheating. Summer is not a time to stop exercising your pet, but it does mean that the walks often need to be shorter and time of day will need to change. To read more about overheating and how to protect your pets, click here.

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